Vista & Windows 7 Issues

Here are some issues I've uncovered so far with the newer Windows versions. It seems that it is causing some problems with BeadWizard that I didn't anticipate. As they are resolved, updates will be made available.

1. Help doesn't work. Vista and Windows 7, 8 and 10 have obsoleted the method of help files that BeadWizard uses. You can get a download from Microsoft that will give this capability back for vercions up to 8.1. For Windows 10 users (and anyone else) I've provided the full content of the Help system as a PDF file

Winhelp downloads for Vista/7/8

Once you install the correct version ( select the x86 version unless you are using 64bit version of Windows) you should have full access to the help facility in BW

Here's a link with help for Windows 10. Download and extract the correct file for your version, follow the instructions in the Please Read Me.txt file.

How to Run Windows Help Files BeadWizard Help PDF

2. Printing seems to be an issue, but I've not been able to nail down anything specific. It may be mainly a problem of Vista not having proper drivers for any particular printer you have, more than a BeadWizard conflict. With my Vista computer, I first got different results depending on the printer. My old LaserJet III worked just fine. On an InkJet 2230 I initially got odd printing from BeadWizard (part of page printed, some of pattern skipped, rest printed on second page!) until I finally got the latest driver and my network connections set up.

If you have any printing issues, please let me know. Include the version of Windows you have, the BeadWizard version, Printer model, and the pattern information (size, stitch, bead type.)

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Page updated 12/28/17